Together we will discover the precise contents of our work. This is mainly to clarify your expectations and those of the market for the proposed product.
This information phase results in production of a small "who's responsible for what" document for those involved.
As soon as we know what we can do for you we produce a detailled offer containing development phase, desired results and estimated costs.


After completion of the information phase we move onto the design phase. We come up with several sketches and first simple models which will be presented to you.
One design will be chosen and worked upon further.
Now we are able to specify the design more precisely and we can work out the construction. In this stage it will be possible to produce a model for use in brochures and client acceptance tests.
Then the final decision on the design will be made.
In cooperation with clients' own production departments or with specialist suppliers we draw up the production data.
The goal of this phase is to produce agreement on 2D/3D data to facilitate production as already mutually agreed.
We accompany you through the complete design process up to the product release. That includes helping you to find suppliers, coordinate construction data with manufacturers and assisting during product launch.
If desired we can supply prototypes for testing and exhibition models for presentation purposes in advance of production runs.


Information Design Specification Construction Advice  

We develop products.